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Duck Duck Goose: An awful, unfunny, disastrous animated movie.

Back in September of last year, I remember going to "The Lego Ninjago Movie" and having to sit through a trailer for an upcoming animated movie called "Duck Duck Goose" and it looked so bad that I started to dread watching it. Even though it was, fortunately, the movie didn't get released on it's original April date and was pushed back to August, it was also, unfortunately, moved forward to July and just went straight to Netflix and skipped its original theatrical release. I went into this movie expecting to be a generic bad animated movie and left completely shocked. I'm not going to make this up everyone. It's true. This film is one of the worst animated movies I've ever seen in my life. In fact, it's worse than "Norm of the North" and that film had a twerking polar bear played by Rob Schneider. Yeah, guys. It's that bad.

A gander in China named Peng (Jim Gaffigan) is cited as being the weakest in his flock. He is not the fastest flyer and is ridiculed by his peers, even to the point where he sent to fly with the kids. However, after his flock leaves without him, Peng ends up breaking his wing due to an incident with a gong and runs into two ducklings named Chi (Zendaya) and Chao (Lance Lim) who are also separated from their flock and are trying to get to a place called "Pleasant Field". Hoping to get back to his flock, Peng agrees to take them to the flock. What they don't know though is that they're being followed by a cat (I'm not going to bother saying who plays him) who is planning on making them dinner. This is where I'm going to stop talking about the plot because I've already lost some sanity watching it and I don't need to lose anymore.

I seriously was not expecting this movie to be as bad as it was. It looked bad from the get-go, but not as atrocious as it turned out to be. This story is nothing but cliche after cliche. It throws every single, stupid plot line you see from a bad animated movie and tries to pass it off as an original. It also throws in lots of butt, fart, and puke joke into the mix to make your brains even number. The animation is also very generic and bland. It's so boring to look at. Nothing about it shines out and screams its beauty. It's just as dull as looking at a blank wall. Wait, I take that back. Blank walls have more personality in them than this movie does! I'm serious guys! This movie is just trash! The characters are also unoriginal. Peng is the liar revealed character you all expect to be, Chi is the sassy smart teenaged character, Chao is the stupid one. There's nothing new. Well, the cat does have sort of a Gollum like split personality but it's not funny. It's just atrocious. Also, the climax is one of the craziest and messed up scenes in an animated movie I've ever watched. I'm not exaggerating. It's so brainless and idiotic that I struggled to understand how this movie even got released on a platform like Netflix.

So, yeah. If you can't tell by this review, I really did not like "Duck Duck Goose". At all. It's honestly one of the worst animated movies I've ever watched. The story is cliche and insane, the animation is bland and boring, and the characters are all traits that have been done to death. I don't know what to say, guys. Just skip it. Don't check it out. It's really not worth ninety minutes of your life that I just wasted. I never thought I'd say this, but you're honestly better off watching the film with the twerking polar bear played by Rob Schneider. I mean it.


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