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Spark: A terrible and unoriginal space epic.

There have been many animated movies that have been set in space. Some are done well that they are remembered for years to come, others are done badly that they are quickly forgotten. "Spark", however, is a movie so bad that it belongs in a $5 DVD barrel, near the bottom in fact. If you've never heard of this movie before, good. I'm glad that you don't know about it because it's horrible. Honestly, it's one of the worst animated movies I have ever seen in my entire life. I'll explain why right now why this movie is absolutely terrible.

The evil General Zhong (Alan C. Peterson) has taken over the planet of Bana and has sucked up the inhabitants of the planet into a mysterious black hole made by a creature called the Kracken who has also broken up the planet into several shards. Thirteen years have passed since then and three of the survivors named Spark (Jace Norman), Vix (Jessica Biel) and Chunk (Rob deLeeuw) have been living on the underground on a garbage shard in secret with the latter two of the survivors participating in secret missions trying to overthrow the evil general. Spark, however, is left alone on the shard and wants to leave it to find his parents. After intercepting an e-mail from the Queen of Bana (Hillary Swank) asking Vix to go on a mission, Spark decides to steal the space ship on the shards to participate in an "epic space mission". What follows is a film filled with many plot holes, cliched storylines, and elements stolen from better movies resulting in an epic disaster.

I haven't hated an animated movie so much since I saw last years abysmal "Norm of the North" and while it's slightly better than that film, it still really left me feeling very angry and disgusted. From what I found out, this movie apparently cost nearly forty million dollars to make which absolutely appalled me. I can easily tell that the budget of the movie went into getting the Oscar-winning actors that appear in the movie including Susan Sarandon, Hillary Swank, and even Patrick Stuart. The reason I say this is because the animation of this movie is inexcusably bad. It looked like it was made by a student who is just starting to use computer animation as the whole film looked like some overly cartoony video game. The story was also pretty painful. The film rips off elements that have been done better in other movies including the evil uncle from "Lion King", the elements of the force and laser swords from "Star Wars", the robot designs from "Terminator" and also the slow motion elements from "The Matrix". It was pretty painful seeing these elements done terribly. As for the characters, they're pretty forgettable and boring. They don't do anything interesting and have nothing standing out about them. I also really hated their names. Hearing these names made me think that they were created by a first grader. Then again, if you told me this movie was written by a first grader, I'd believe that. The only element that was slightly enjoyable was the voice acting. The actors at least tried with what they were given, but I am frustrated that they signed on to do this movie.

"Spark" is one of the worst animated movies I've seen in a very long time. It was so unoriginal, confusing as well as being very boring that it really angered me. I don't know what else to say, just don't watch it. Don't even show your kids this disaster. My only advice is to skip this movie entirely and never watch it whatsoever. You'll live a happier life if you don't watch it.


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