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Shaun the Sheep Movie: A very funny and clever film.

The people who work at Aardman Animations clearly still have some hilarious humor to them. I can happily say this because the "Shaun the Sheep Movie" clearly demonstrates that they can keep making great movies. I heavily enjoyed their previous works like "Chicken Run" and "The Curse of the Were-Rabbit" and now they have brought there other big star to the screen in a very unique way. What I mean is that this film has the humor and heart of a brilliant animated movie that doesn't have one word spoken throughout the entire movie. It may seem impossible to pull this off, but luckily it works. Still, there's more to this film that makes it work and I'll explain why.

Our main character Shaun is a mischievous sheep who lives at the Mossy Bottom Farm out in the countryside but is bored by his daily farm life routine. One day, he gets an idea to put the farmer to sleep so his flock can do whatever they want. How do this? Well, they make the farmer count his own sheep, of course. The plan backfires, however, after the sheep put the farmer in a caravan which accidentally rolls away from the farm and into the city. Now, it's up to the sheep of the farm and the farm dog Bitzer to get him back and stay away from the evil animal catcher.

The film may sound very silly to you, but trust me when I say that the film is actually pretty hilarious. It shows us that animated movies don't need to have tons of dialogue for humor to make for a very entertaining movie. Yes, the story is basic, but it always was supposed to be. It didn't need to be really complicated, because children would easily not understand what's going on, and that's exactly what this movie does so brilliantly. The stop motion animation like always is fantastic. The painstaking hours the company spent on creating clay models and moving them slightly has paid off because the characters move as if they were drawn on paper or even a computer. The characters, while not having a lot of depth, are hilarious as ever as they do pretty humorous moments in the film. For example, Bitzer is trying to get into a hospital to get the farmer, but can't go in because he's a dog. So, he dresses up like a doctor and accidentally gets tricked for being the doctor operating on a surgery. It may sound cliche to you, but trust me when I say that it leads to a moment so funny that I dare not spoil it here.

"Shaun the Sheep Movie" is a film that the whole family can easily enjoy. Kids can laugh at the silly moments while adults can appreciate the technicality of the film. In my opinion, this film is a clear example of how visual media is stronger than written media. I just wish more films would do that nowadays.

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