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Inside Out: A very creative and fun movie.

Here's a movie that has the creativity and genius of a movie that animated movies have lacked for years. Considering that some animation studios (notably DreamWorks) have been struggling to try to get an original idea for years, "Inside Out" shows that Pixar still has the magic that made their previous movie classics. This movie is one of the best-animated movies in years and is the very definition of an instant classic. It will be remembered years into the future. I haven't seen a film this creative and imaginative in a long, long time and I loved every single minute of it.

The film focuses on the personalized emotions of a girl named Riley. Each one of them has a specific color and personality to make them unique. They also have distinct voices. Joy is played by Amy Poehler, Sadness by Phyllis Smith, Fear by Bill Hader, Disgust by Mindy Kaling, and Anger by Lewis Black. They live at the center of Riley's head called headquarters and control her personality. All the emotions get along with each other except Joy and Sadness. Joy doesn't want Sadness controlling Riley as she wants Riley to have a happy life along with the fact that when she touches a memory which is basically encased in a sphere, it becomes sad. One day though, Riley's life is turned upside down when her parents decide to move away from her home in Minnesota to an unpleasant house in San Fransisco. Joy tries to control Riley to enjoy the move, but Sadness gets in the way and makes a large impact that I dare not spoil. Through a series of mishaps, Joy and Sadness are transported far away from the headquarters to another area of the memory and they need to get back to headquarters as soon as possible.

The story is one of the most creative stories I've seen not just in an animated movie, but in a movie in general. The ideas that are in this movie are so ingenious as it shows us the working of certain areas of the mind and makes them so unique and memorable. It has so many hilarious and emotional moments that it reminded me a lot of "Up" which wasn't a surprise as both of these films were directed by the same director. The characters are also a lot of fun. Amy Poehler is great as she always is as Joy and another stand out was Lewis Black as Anger who was pretty hilarious in this movie. The animation is also breathtaking. It's bright and colorful and has many details that make it stand out. For example, the emotions really have shiny details to them which reminded me of a lot of colored sugar. I also enjoyed how bouncy and fun Riley's head was compared to the dull dreary real world. That balance is what I expect to see in an animated movie and I love that they included it.

"Inside Out" is not only the best-animated movie of 2015, but it's also one of the best-animated movies ever made. I have not seen a film this likable and creative in a while and I'm so glad that this film is another standout from the incredible Pixar. It's such a breathtaking film that you must have to see it for yourselves. It truly is a wonderful experience.

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