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The Lego Batman Movie: A funny, and clever animated parody of Batman.

To Zach Snyder, I know you will never read this review considering that you're directing whatever movie you're making. But here's the thing, I watched The Lego Batman Movie today. And to be completely honest, I had no interest in seeing it originally. I never really got into the first Lego Movie nor superhero movies. But, I had to watch it as I am a critic on animated movies and I've got to admit, it was actually pretty funny and clever. Taking place in Gotham City, the egotistical Batman (Will Arnett) continues to fights crime and stop villains ultimate plans, well, mainly the Jokers plans. (Zach Galifianakis). However, after the Dark Knight reveals to the Joker that he has no feelings toward him, the Clown Prince of Crime begins plotting his ultimate revenge involving releasing all kinds of movie baddies from the Phantom Zone. Meanwhile, Alfred (Ralph Fiennes) disappointed in Master Wayne's attitude decides that he should spend more time with his newly adopted son (Michael Cera). And in order to find out what happens after that, you'll have to watch the movie because I can't say anything else. The movie treats itself not as an animated classic, but rather a parody. A parody of superhero movies. Every incarnation of Batman to be precise. The Adam West show, the Burton films, the Nolan films, the pretty bad DC Extended Universe, and yes, even the infamous Schumacher movies. I was really not going to expect much from the movie (considering one of the writers wrote "Pride and Prejudice and Zombie" *shudders*), but I really enjoyed it. Not because it was goofy fun (although it is), but rather it actually had a decent moral that kids will really enjoy. I'm sure that little kids will gobble this movie up, and to be honest, they should. They really should. My only concern with this movie is the fact that it could have been slightly less childish. It's not very childish, but it could have had slightly more stuff for adults. If there's anything this movie taught me, it taught me that I can look at movies a whole new way. It shows that superhero movies can be pretty funny and lighthearted unlike your current movies. So take note on this, Mr. Snyder. If you want people to like Justice League, don't make the movie all dark and complex. People are sick of that stuff. Sincerely, Animated Antic

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